Feb 14, 2010

sunwayy piramid

i had a good time at SP tadi
so cool. i never ice skate before
either skate board or whatever 
so i have lack of experience
thank god Maisarah and Maryam were there
if tak, i dont know how it will be
i love you besties ;)
makan nak Secret Recipe,
hm bajet laah en, 
i dont mind because i have money from the buttons things
sekali end up, bil RM86 something
dekat S&J pun habis RM62
haha padahal beli vodoo jea
by pkul 7 Musa tak dtg lagi
then Mai asked him to drive me home
waahh Mai dtg Klang
haha how it feel dear?
but serious i like this day
i enjoyed
hmm i want this day willl last forever, can i?

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