Jan 6, 2016

A newbie in Makeup World


If you are a friend of mine, you must noticed that im so into makeup these past months. Maybe because im 22 perasaan tu datang sendiri? boleh takkkkkkk hahhaa. I have 3 siblings and all girls, my eldest sister  ada all the basic makeup stuff but she doesnt wear that often, and kitorang pun since this year maybe macam mask berjam jam in Sephora. My second sister pulak, is very particular about halal and haram so she just gonna use lipstick yg from muslim company, yeah all those Silkygirl, Loreal, Maybelline dia tak pakai.power tak power tak.

So what made me into makeup so much? I guess its all started from summer holiday, i saw a tweet from @twt_makeupmy  a makeup class for beginner by Mina Rosli its 150MYR per person and if you bring your friend, you just have to pay 200MYR for both. Im totally excited and ask Kak Fatin (eldest one) to accompany me, but unfortunately she had her bridal shower that day so she cant make it. So i ask my best friend from chilhood yg mmg selalu jd my driver back in Malaysia, Shahirah and she said yes!

Minaaaaaaaaaa your hair colour!!

Ahh Mina is just so adorable and funny i thought she is half Malaysian who doesnt know how to speak Malay, satgi dia nak terjatuh, melatah "Oh Mak Kau" jatuh brush sikit, "weh amenda dgn aku ni" so funny haha and the fact that she is younger than me is hurm lucky you beautiful girl.

I forgot her name but she is a TV presenter, jadi model for the module

Since its a class for a beginner, Mina taught us step by step from moisturzing the face untill the setting spray finishing. Complete! I thought makeup all about contour and all, and i dont even know the difference between contour and bronzer, so time ni lah i banyak belajar, and few tips in makeup. Bila nak pakai brush yg besar tu, foundation pakai stippling brush, contour ke yg angled brush, setting powder punya pun lain. Before this i ingat one for alllllllll boleh pakai hahahahaha

These are all my makeup during that time

God knows how much my makeup beranak-ranak since that day. maybe 10x ? I have so many brushes now even ada yang tk pernah pakai lagi, all the highlights/bronzer yg br beli after belajar thru youtube/vids in instagram. Ill write in a different post about it. 

This semester, i have clinics instead of lab, so i deal with patients, so dia macam acah acah nak look presentable lah kan everyday try on different makeup looks pastu pakai mask kan tutup semua blusher, highlighter, lipstick hahahhaha but yeah the feeling itself puas hati dah. 

I the next post, im going to write about my favourite beauty gurus & tutorials in Youtube. 

Till then!!


Dec 21, 2015

Clinique 1-2-3 Steps Skin Care Review


So today I just wanna share my review on this  1-2-3 set which comes with:

1) Clinique Liquid Facial Soap Mild
2) Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion
3) Clinique Clarifying Lotion Clarifiante

So to start with, im using these products for 6 months now, i tried sample for moisturizer in Amman and i really like the texture, but the price is so ridiculously expensive it was like 65 JOD for 125ml. This was like on April/May 2015? I dont remember haha so i set my mind to buy this product when im going to UK for the summer holiday.

My trip took 3 weeks, so what i did, i bought the travel size pack (smaller version for all around 50-100 ml) in London for 20 GBP, and since i like the facial wash & moisturizer so i ended up bought the full size 200ml facial wash for 18 Euros & 200ml moisturizer for 500+ Swedish  Krone. 

Liquid Facial Soap Mild

Its  just a clear and lil bit foamy soap and perfect for daily uses, when i have more time available (ceh macam takde je selalu) i always use it with Pobbling brush since its gonna give me more foamy texture. Entah lah for me facial wash mesti kena buih buih banyak gituww kan and now i just know that those foamy texture actually lagi sesuai for oily skin. So apparently i have a mild dry skin so this type works for me. after 6 months i feel like this is a light facial wash for me, i mean i can see the difference bcs before this my skin was so dry and i hate to wash my face especially in winter, and now im fine! :D 

Clarifying Lotion

I seriously dont know why are they calling it lotion cause it doesnt have the lotion texture at all, its a toner, with a high concentration of salicylic acid, i really dont like the smell, batuk memang selalulah when i applied it, and also i dont purchased the full size bcs the trial kit, dah bagi 100ml terus. pandai kan strategy marketing? Facial wash & moisturizer dapat comel je hihi. Btw, Clinique just annouced after Sept 2015 they reformulated this lotion and now its salicylic acid-free! Wow but im not gonna buy it to compare, its like enough people enough! hahaha

Dramatically Different Moiturizing Lotion

So im being a drama queen just like the name of the product, totally love this product. Dia macam satu benda you have to choose for your survival kit, hah this is the one for me. everyday, before apply makeup, and after basuh muka i have to use this, Its been 6 months, tapi botol tk cecah setengah lagi! i just pump like a bean size, then rub ( tak pasti the right word or not) between my palms, then dap da dap on my face, because its gel like, i dont prefer to put it directly and i have to wait like 2 mins after then only i start to put on my base makeup. 

Here is the link if you want to read more about it, reviews, price and all

So, overall for me the proucts worth my money, buttt if i have finish all these, i will only repurchase the Moisturizer, and im waiting for my Innisfree skin care set to arrive in Jordan. How exciting!! 

Thanks for reading!


Dec 16, 2015

Clinical Life

Hello, it's been a long time, right?

Well, 4th year is no joke at all, exams, clinics, classes and all. So far my Prostho dah nak habis and I will be delivering the denture to my patient next week, though I'm reallly nervous bcs makcik tu ridge dia mcm resorbe teruk tau, and she came with her old denture to make a better one since denture dia kinda bad and asyik keluar. haih, insyaAllah everything will be fine.

Cons? HAHAHHAHHAHAHA. I love Dr Ahmad so much, like since the first time he was my supervisor he looks nice, satgi bila dapat tahu he is the one yg gantikan Dr Amre (Head of Department) he looks different, makin strict, he rejected allllllll my RCT Patients sedih tahu tak hahahhahahaah dah lah susah nak dapat RCT but its okay I tried really hard, guess it's not my rezeki this semester, thats all I have to believe. I really adore all the doctors in my clinics and I shall say that female doctors macam lagi kinda mengajar (?) means like they teach step by step, hey im still new to all these kan hahaha its okay if salah now so I can learn.

I have Prostho exam tomorrow, and honestly shit I don't know what to answer I mean like, Prostho is just like that. Whatever you read, when it comes to exam, soalan dia daripada mana mana ntah though this is the first time Prostho with Dr Sarah, might be different from Dr Laila, trauma still ada.
Then I have Ortho paper the next day, pastu merdeka for two weeks.

I'm planning to bake for every weekend cause I need to save for my trip, oh btw insyaAllah this trip I'm going with Farah, Jasmine and Huchek which im really looking forward cause they are my top 10 close friends, so yeah with all this currency yg tak stabil ni I just have to save more. 

I miss you blog! I promise to write more and i just wanna write about my makeup journey lols since I'm into those things since August ( I met Mina Rosli!) I'll write about it later, wish me luck!


May 11, 2015

Life Update

Assalamualaikum :)

Life has been great Alhamdulillah, so much beza from the last entry, I believe. Btw, I just came back from my usrah (last time with Nadsyi, iSad) its just quick and simple but yet very padat. Even everytime usrah is like that. Im kinda sad actually she is leaving Jordan this year huwaaaaaaaaaa hope you do well in UK, Nadiyah :)

We talked about Surah Yusuf, sirah, tadabbur from ayat berapa to berapa i forget, and she said that this Surah is very related to us, sebab Nabi Yusuf pun cakap, kalau bukan Allah yg jaga dia, he might do what the woman asked as he likes her too. Nabi Yusof ni tunjuk je sikap manusia biasa yang fitrah sukanya perempuan, but simply he prayed to Allah to protect him from the fitnah. Ah, time ni aku dah kagum dah about how amazing Nabi Yusuf dengan handsomenya, tawaddu' and all.

Before Solat Maghrib tadi like konon lah nak mengada suruh budak yang nak grad ni bagi ucapan camtu kan hahaha and Nadiyah picked ayat from surah Az Zukhruf (pg 492) ayat 36 kalau lah aku tak silap. Basically ayat yang macam Nadiyah cakap, kalau kita berterus-terusan lupakan Allah, Allah akan biarkan syaitan menguasai dirinya, In another words, Allah dah tak ambil kisah pasal kita and bila kita buat salah tu dah tak rasa apa-apa, like simply nothing.

Aku macam terpukul gila ntah lah aku ni dah lah like these few days selalu rasa macam okay aku buat ni blabla aku boleh survive, contoh like okay kalau aku start study daripada sekarang aku lepas ni final exam (too concentrate study sampai lewat solat), or like okay duit aku ni tk berapa banyak sebenarnya for jalan so kalau aku buat bussiness baking and jual few things ni mesti boleh cover ni (again, lewatkan solat sebab claim to be busy)

Kalau ada order nak kena bake hari Jumaat, berapa kali aku tk habis baca alKahfi. Or kalau start pun like lepas Zohor or Asar, so tak habis satu surah (dah lah time tu je memang hari alocate nk bc Quran beriya) Sampai kadang kadang aku tanya diri aku, ni dikira antara rezeki yang melekakan aku ke sebab dulu mak pernah cerita pasal pengembala kambing yang miskin, dia ada sehelai je kain sembahnyang utk share husband and wife, so bila time solat dia bergilir-gilir tp dia solat awal waktu sebab kambing pn tak banyak untuk dijaga, then bila ada Nabi ( I dont remember nama) nampak, he prayed to Allah supaya luaskan rezeki pasangan tu. Plot twist, Nabi tu tak nampak pun lelaki tu dkt masjid time berjemaah, bila tanya kenapa, dia jawab sebab terlalu sibuk jaga kambing-kambing yang membiak.

So aku teringat lah kisah tu mak aku cerita so aku taknak lah jadi macam dia! Entahlah life is so full with things to leka, buat kita lupa kita rasa we can survive in any situation of we work hard, tapi aku selalu lupa yang last tu kena tawakal. I did kinda bad in exam when I studied very hard so aku rasa macam okay ni tak cukup study ni kena study lipat kali ganda! Tapi deep down I know its not everything about study, so lepas aku dah down few days, I started thinking, aku rasa Allah ni memang suka sangat test aku sebab dia kenal sangat perangai aku macam mana, kalau dia bagi aku lepas score mark every subject mesti aku rasa i can survive alone. Bila aku down aku punya doa tu peh kemain macam takde dosa je. 

And sebab aku rasa aku kurang berdoa, sebab malu, I just did so many things in life sampai aku rasa im no one untuk diperkenankan doa, But Nadiyah pernah cerita pasal ni jugak and she said memang Allah suka hamba-Nya yg kembali and tahu kesalahan dia, sigh I don't know. Dulu sampai aku pernah macam blame my parents because like tk masukkan aku dkt sekolah agama, harhar. Sebab aku rasa aku sikit sangat pengetahuan and aku pun mana hafal satu juzu' apa apa. Juzu' 30 pun tak langsung hafal. So insecure, damn insecure. it's okay there is no time to "takpe slow slow" aku rasa kena pecut dah ni haha

And another point I got frm that night was, kita boleh guna kebaikan kita untuk berdoa dengan Allah. Sampai aku rasa dh takde kebaikan aku buat dh sebab balik balik ulang point yang sama 😭 iShame. May Allah guide all of us, amin ya Rabb ! :) 

Oh btw Fatin is getting married im excited plus sad and terkilan pun ada because its such a short notice dia nak kahwin before fly to UK this September. Hahahaha at last En Rafiq bakal dapat menantu. So doakan lah everything berjalan dengan lancarnya! :)

10hb May 2015