Dec 21, 2015

Clinique 1-2-3 Steps Skin Care Review


So today I just wanna share my review on this  1-2-3 set which comes with:

1) Clinique Liquid Facial Soap Mild
2) Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion
3) Clinique Clarifying Lotion Clarifiante

So to start with, im using these products for 6 months now, i tried sample for moisturizer in Amman and i really like the texture, but the price is so ridiculously expensive it was like 65 JOD for 125ml. This was like on April/May 2015? I dont remember haha so i set my mind to buy this product when im going to UK for the summer holiday.

My trip took 3 weeks, so what i did, i bought the travel size pack (smaller version for all around 50-100 ml) in London for 20 GBP, and since i like the facial wash & moisturizer so i ended up bought the full size 200ml facial wash for 18 Euros & 200ml moisturizer for 500+ Swedish  Krone. 

Liquid Facial Soap Mild

Its  just a clear and lil bit foamy soap and perfect for daily uses, when i have more time available (ceh macam takde je selalu) i always use it with Pobbling brush since its gonna give me more foamy texture. Entah lah for me facial wash mesti kena buih buih banyak gituww kan and now i just know that those foamy texture actually lagi sesuai for oily skin. So apparently i have a mild dry skin so this type works for me. after 6 months i feel like this is a light facial wash for me, i mean i can see the difference bcs before this my skin was so dry and i hate to wash my face especially in winter, and now im fine! :D 

Clarifying Lotion

I seriously dont know why are they calling it lotion cause it doesnt have the lotion texture at all, its a toner, with a high concentration of salicylic acid, i really dont like the smell, batuk memang selalulah when i applied it, and also i dont purchased the full size bcs the trial kit, dah bagi 100ml terus. pandai kan strategy marketing? Facial wash & moisturizer dapat comel je hihi. Btw, Clinique just annouced after Sept 2015 they reformulated this lotion and now its salicylic acid-free! Wow but im not gonna buy it to compare, its like enough people enough! hahaha

Dramatically Different Moiturizing Lotion

So im being a drama queen just like the name of the product, totally love this product. Dia macam satu benda you have to choose for your survival kit, hah this is the one for me. everyday, before apply makeup, and after basuh muka i have to use this, Its been 6 months, tapi botol tk cecah setengah lagi! i just pump like a bean size, then rub ( tak pasti the right word or not) between my palms, then dap da dap on my face, because its gel like, i dont prefer to put it directly and i have to wait like 2 mins after then only i start to put on my base makeup. 

Here is the link if you want to read more about it, reviews, price and all

So, overall for me the proucts worth my money, buttt if i have finish all these, i will only repurchase the Moisturizer, and im waiting for my Innisfree skin care set to arrive in Jordan. How exciting!! 

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