Jun 7, 2010

hopes and dream :)

Hr tue dkt klas tnga blaja chemistry dgn syahira,
suddenly she said with loud,
"mcm2 aku nak cpai dlm hidup ne"
people started to WHOAA
asal minah ne
but then pkir balek, yeah its true. so do i
mcm mcm benda i want to make sure when i die,
ill never regret :)
let me try to list down

1) I want my trial success with at least 7a's
2) Straight A's in SPM 2010
3) My dream handphone
4) Go to Mecca with my parents and 100% of my money
5) Be a doctor, really patient and caring. 
6) Have a few friends, and make a clinic together
7) Marry with someone i do love and waited for so long
8) Have kids soleh and solehah. Teach them Quran by myself.
9) Learn to sew, make my family baju raya by myself.
10) Actually i like to write story, I want to publish english novels

amin. insyaAllah. pray for me :)

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