Oct 14, 2009

ALK :)

haha. yeah people. im an ALK in my school.
when the i went for the interview my friends said, omg kau serious ke hana?
haha. yes im serious. luckily i get it. it is not easy whooo. there were three stages when ALK Fantasia begin. sounds funny right? kalau mcm LDP, they called LDP Trainee, if PRS, we called it PRS Survivor, what else? BADAR, BADAR Apperentice. All that stuff laah. honestly, it is so fun being one of the members. i love tagg-ing. HAHA. and i get to nervous when i am alone in the counter. there was so like many starving student who cannot wait their turn to pay. so, back to my point. MARA did a leadership camp of the ALKians. so we went to Kem Tasik Bera to joined it. Me,Wan, Harith and Jimmy.

when the registration

When the registration, we all were like, omg this is going to be so duper boring. But waitt the hostel was like soo bigg. and i get the plug. so macam tak kisah sangat laa. HAHA. then we get in group. all of us tak dpt the same group. but Harith's beside me jelaa. aww he is so irritating there. mcm nak penyepakk jela mamat tu. the program mostly like MIGTY laa. and the gemuruh   song is the main song. oklaa. my group ade 8 people. budak koki, muar, terendak, alor gajah, serting, gemencheh and fafa also. Fafa lagi satuu . sooo kepochi maa. hadoyy kau nee fa. comey tol. our lambang tu i took my last KITA group jugak.but the cheer, i taught them the applausing. yang bertalu talu tu

my group, KITA
Cool jugakk laah. then the tragedy came to me when my phone stoled my unknown people. Mak aihh my Sony Ericsson pulak tu. duit raye, semua dia cekau ah. so bad :( hmm. then ade few bdk koki and tawau yang agak menceriakan laah. one of them name dia Pangeran Luqmanul Hakeem. i dont know either my spelling is correct or not. so macam nama dia sangat unik. and now we are friends right? actually he is into a Lenggong's student. haha. its like so funny because Rini tu doesnt know anything. so, goodluck bah ntuk kau yaa :)

Pangeran look like this. the pic was suddenly captured, so im not ready neither

so the camp was extremely  interesting, and i am surely will be missing the fasilitator :) dia sangat sporting la wehh. dahlaa every moves he did, we were surely laughing. hahaha

awww. he is the coolest man ever. lagi lagi when he did the poco poco dance :D

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