Oct 2, 2009

Eid :)

My Eid-ul this year biasa sahaja. Nothing special. Except tahun ne kasut berganda because Voir and Jusco have a great sale. Fatin, my eldest beraya dengan her new teeth. I dont really like it because it is green . HAHA. Okeh ne nak story time beraya dengan kawan pulak. on Thurs lah ne pergi dkt rumah MAi dulu b4 jumpa Sha. OMG. dah laa pakai wedges 3 inci. tangga tu plak macam dah tak bole nak tinngi lagi. I keep walking forward wihout looking down dekat flyover tu. yeahh im scared og heightness. Rumah MAi mcm sgt unik ohh. there is one stair straight-up to her room. wahh best nak tgk? ne laahh

(the stair)

Then with Shaza, kitorang pergilah ruma Kimo. OMG bapak besar dah la the people in the house so tiy monyy. Imagine, we can play futsal in the kitchen. I took the pict too.

( Kimo's House)

For me it is big laah. tp if you guys own bigger then this, i dont even care pon. She still cute ohh. ily kimohunny :) Then pergi Etude House kejap. Just arrived the shop, I and Mai were like whispering hannnnnaaaaaaaaaaaaaa maaaaaaaaiiiiiiiiiiii at each other. There are pinky and the price is soo soo good.

( this is the shop. beautiful right?)

Mai la the one who dreadfully jubilant. Masuk jea she straightly applausing ceaselessly. The promoter pon pelik tgk kitorang. HAHA. She bought RM 59.90 compact powder and lipgloss for me. Gila punya maii. I paid earlier than her, so bila the cashier punch in my stuff he gave me Lee Min Ho file folder, both of us staring at each other. My gosh . Mai punya la tak puas hati and when she pay, she straightly said, " miss, tak bole nak lebih ke?" bongok betull. ahaha. Because of her stuff is more than RM 50 she get the member card. Ahh Mai I dont care. bukan bole meet die pun. Baek jumpa Zaki :D

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