Feb 19, 2011

25 Random Things About Me :)

Kali ni siapa nak kacau aku tulis blog memang aku debushdebush *tepis tangan dari keyboard. Okay setelah di tag oleh, Madkhaz jadi I guess now is my turn right? Hee

1) I dont know where to start. Okay. I am a fattt girl :D
2) I did lost 15kg when I was 14. IDK how much I gained now =,=
3) Started wearing my hijab in December 2000 (Mecca trip) Never free hair since that.
4) My father tought I was a boy. He wanted to name me as Kamal Hadanny.
5) My grandmother grandfather were a teacher & my mom still an English teacher. Datin Rosmah Mansor was Grandma's student, Dato' Seri Rais Yatim was Grandpa's student, Marlia Musa was Mom's student.
6) Im a loser. I cant ran long distance & never participate in any sport games. But I do love badminton.
7) I obssed with KitKat & Kinder Bueno & Cadbury's Black Forest.
8) I like marshmallow colours :)
9) Im in a relationship and I hope this is the last because I do love my Rainbow :')
10) I never wear 'bawal' tudung since i left school. Just Syria and shawls.
11) I love to do bussiness and alhamdulillah Darla's Closette doing well.
12) I cried when the first time I listened to Pearl Jam-Last Kiss (even the voice is happy)
13) Although people will saying Im a loser, I'll still wanna watch Justin Bieber's movie in April.
14) First and the last time I did ice-skating was at last year valantine. I hate it. I fall hundred times.
15) Im not as rich as you. Im just wearing Body Shop's Zentini perfume.
16) Tak nak speaking dah. Saya suka masak and menjahit! I really do!
17) Saya tak sabar nak memiliki Diana F+ limited edition yang sangat sexy.
18) Setiap kali online, akan ada new tab for inianwarhadi's videos. Saya tergelak gulinguling. Skrip dah hafal.
20) Setiap kali pergi Baskin Robbins, saya akan order flavor yang sama, Cotton Candy.
21) Time tengah tulis ni, saya sedang pakai baju kelas FOS yang diprint (FIVEZEROSEVEN) by Aqmar.
22) Saya mempunyai kawan luar dari Klang lebih banyak dari my own town. Sad a lil bit.
23) Im very happy I didnt succeed in my LDP's interview because i love to be an ALK so muchh.
24) I feel bad because dah bejinak jinak tak pakai skinsocks :(
25) Im hoping to get straight A plus for me and my whole batch 1993, I wanna be a dentist!

Pheww. Thats a lot right? Well I know some of you will stop at number 3/7 because things about me are too borin. But thats the fact. I am a boring person :) actually im sad now but when I received few messages from my sister in Australia, im happy back :') Miss you sis, always !

I need hundreds of this now !


  1. MASHAALLAH, pakai tudung sice std 1? wow. :')

  2. Haha. Yess. My sis tuaa sikit, i kecik2 dah pakai =,=


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