Feb 4, 2011

Anwar Hadi Coolio Terhebat !

Okay i knew about him last week dari Cik Epal and after all watching to his videos *i can hear his voice now. Yep, New tabs :) So he is such a hilarious person and i have to admit he id louder than me ! GAH ! Good job buddy. You guys will laughs like crazy seriously! Now watch ah!

Annoying kan pary si im sorry im sorry im sorry tuhh. Ada lagi part ni cek cakap kat hampa semua memang kelakaq lah. Tapi kena pi tgk subtitle lagi kelakaq !

Sekali tengok vid ni aku berpandangan dengan si Myra and backward sikit. Did he said S. Gathering? Because Myra been there too. Yeah she is going to Queensland and he is going to Sydney. Maybe UNSW and he is taking Tesl. God this is coincidence ! Jadi semoga berjayalah si Anwar okay. Yr english is very good. Kalau dia jadi ckgu Enlish nanti mesti fun kan?

Best jugak kan ni? Anwar, dont stop making vids!! Even in Sydney!

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