Nov 3, 2011

and im here alone.

I wish I have everyone here for this winter. Like the first-winter-ever for me. I missed the snows during Europe tour last year sebab balik awal beberapa hari before turun salji. sigh. But it was awesome to have family next to me. But I missed Malaysia badly that time. Thinking of this year im alone, its kind of sad. I wish and wish. But it wont change anything. Im planning to go Amman this Fridays since we've got one week holiday and I dont wanna be too Malaysia-sick.

And jyeah idk whts wrong with me, but im back liking JB *cover muka dengan pinggan sebab takut kena baling telur* Sebab everytime I listen to his song I get jealous. cehh piraaah Hannah. No im just kidding. But in CityMall there's a bookshop selling his item. Nak beli boleh tak. Ha-ha. Hannah is so ewh. Ignore her.

Dear snow,

 Please appear yourself for this winter, I am waiting for you since I was six.

Much Love,

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