Nov 5, 2011

Shopping and Suprising !


 Tak habis senyum lagi ni sebenarnya. Today I went to Amman with my whole classmates, it was superb awesome dude ! So mula mula ingat nak buat tittle Jaulah Jordan. I even typed it already ! Tiba tiba the closest friends came to my room and started playing Happy Birthday with her android applications, they even brought a cake ! How sweet kan ? Thanks Guys ! So Jyeaah we went to Abdali first and ALHAMDULLILAH ! I got the red winter coat I was talking about yesterday. Tak fikir panjang, I just grabbed it! Dabedabedu terus start pakai the coat. HAHA. Oh we went to CityDel lepas tu, sebenarnya tak berapa nak faham tempat tu apa, but history of Jordan dulu lah, and pintu masuk Istana Damsyik during the old times. Can I just let the pictures tell the stories cause im freakin' exhauted.

Big thankyou to my girls.

Hye new bestfriend.

Amman's view from top

I just like this picture.
We are small family since INTEC
Akmal jatuh and banyak darah keluar. scaryy.

no caption.
When it come to boys. =,=
I wanted to take my pic alone, but mereka
tak berganjak. sigh
Jyeaah ZARA's winter coat.
haihh Nana, one month punya sewa rumah.
You know what, I nearly bought Bieber's shirt! So lame right? HAHAHA. But then, my friend said, damn Hannah please lah dont spent your money on the person that dont even realize that you are exist! mengucap terus lepas tu. But overall, so happy then ! Thanks everyone, Alhamdulillah balik dengan selamatnya now. You know, winter baru satu minggu but setiap kali ambil wudhu macam main lat tali lat tali tam plom ! The water heater is not functioning. Dayumn crazy punya sejuk. Btw, Happy Eid Mubarak everyone ! eh, more pics HERE

Much Love,

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