Dec 7, 2009

Homework :(

As a student of 'beloved' Mara Junior Science College Tun Ghafar Baba, homework is a must for us. Homework for the weekend just like in holiday's in Lenggong. Especially Additional Mathematics. urghh. I just came back from my holiday, so to be sincere, i havent touch yet my homeworks. Mum start to and i am start to pissed off. sorry mum, i dont meant it :( haha untill just now, my sister, take my homeworks and brought me beside her and we listed my homework. what a good sister right? ok. And this is my homework list for the end year holidays;

Bahasa Malaysia- Karangan Tentang Budaya Membaca Membina Ketamadunan Bangsa,1500 patah perkataan
Additional Mathematics-Zoom in SPM for topics in F5 and F4
Mathematics- Pelangi blue book
Sejarah- Handout F5 first topic given.
Physics- Research for Radioactivity
Biology- 16 Lab Report experiment
Agama Islam- Solat 5 waktu without skip
PJK- Lose some weight
Bahasa Inggeris- Speak in English with your family

hmm for me thats a lot. But takpe, I have 3 weeks more. errr. but tolak makan-minum-tido-internet-texting, maybe one week only? OYA im so scared to be the F5 student.
ok ! first move. Physics. See you later bloggie :D

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