Jan 6, 2016

A newbie in Makeup World


If you are a friend of mine, you must noticed that im so into makeup these past months. Maybe because im 22 perasaan tu datang sendiri? boleh takkkkkkk hahhaa. I have 3 siblings and all girls, my eldest sister  ada all the basic makeup stuff but she doesnt wear that often, and kitorang pun since this year maybe macam mask berjam jam in Sephora. My second sister pulak, is very particular about halal and haram so she just gonna use lipstick yg from muslim company, yeah all those Silkygirl, Loreal, Maybelline dia tak pakai.power tak power tak.

So what made me into makeup so much? I guess its all started from summer holiday, i saw a tweet from @twt_makeupmy  a makeup class for beginner by Mina Rosli its 150MYR per person and if you bring your friend, you just have to pay 200MYR for both. Im totally excited and ask Kak Fatin (eldest one) to accompany me, but unfortunately she had her bridal shower that day so she cant make it. So i ask my best friend from chilhood yg mmg selalu jd my driver back in Malaysia, Shahirah and she said yes!

Minaaaaaaaaaa your hair colour!!

Ahh Mina is just so adorable and funny i thought she is half Malaysian who doesnt know how to speak Malay, satgi dia nak terjatuh, melatah "Oh Mak Kau" jatuh brush sikit, "weh amenda dgn aku ni" so funny haha and the fact that she is younger than me is hurm lucky you beautiful girl.

I forgot her name but she is a TV presenter, jadi model for the module

Since its a class for a beginner, Mina taught us step by step from moisturzing the face untill the setting spray finishing. Complete! I thought makeup all about contour and all, and i dont even know the difference between contour and bronzer, so time ni lah i banyak belajar, and few tips in makeup. Bila nak pakai brush yg besar tu, foundation pakai stippling brush, contour ke yg angled brush, setting powder punya pun lain. Before this i ingat one for alllllllll boleh pakai hahahahaha

These are all my makeup during that time

God knows how much my makeup beranak-ranak since that day. maybe 10x ? I have so many brushes now even ada yang tk pernah pakai lagi, all the highlights/bronzer yg br beli after belajar thru youtube/vids in instagram. Ill write in a different post about it. 

This semester, i have clinics instead of lab, so i deal with patients, so dia macam acah acah nak look presentable lah kan everyday try on different makeup looks pastu pakai mask kan tutup semua blusher, highlighter, lipstick hahahhaha but yeah the feeling itself puas hati dah. 

I the next post, im going to write about my favourite beauty gurus & tutorials in Youtube. 

Till then!!


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  1. You should post latest makeup collectionn with all the brushes!!!!! Love u pls write more ❤❤❤❤


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