Nov 29, 2011



So yeah now is 0345 and I just woke up and I dont wanna sleep kaman. Yesterday was not a really good day for me, but maybe happened for a good reason? (: I feel like wanna write everything out but this, my brain is not functioning well now, so my hands cant move and type it. I even delete three times to finish the last sentences. Ha-ha. What to do? I dont know, You know, maybe. Im good Im okay but Im not pretty sure I do. Weh apa daa Hannah ni.

Dah dua kali aku delete apa nak tulis ni, what lah Hannah kau try nak tulis now? I dont know, you tell me. Okay I will, but with typography boleh tak?

Lagi? Tak ada. Tak boleh nak berfikir.
Japp ada, my heart is stereo. So listen close. Dah.


  1. Salam. U're good dear. Be yourself. U can do it. U can fight ur 'black' point in your heart. I believe. If people around u can believe u and support u, so u must believe urself more than others cause u know urself more than others. I'll pray for u more and more.

  2. Syawaal : I know :/ I wanna go back to Malaysia cepat cepat.

    Anon: is this anon, anon yang sama? because if yes, thankslah Ustaz. You better do, pray for me and others (:


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