Oct 5, 2011

HE knows what the best for me

When I was in upper form I determined myself to go Australia for dentistry. Siap lagi plan I and Kak Yah (my second sister) will be housemate. Then, Kaktin (the eldest) will follow us few years later to continue her Master. Sounds cool kan? My dad said "okaylah abah pun dah nak pencen, by the time abah pencen Abil is in her third year, bolehlah abah duduk sana terus dah tak ada tanggungan". Tapi siapalah kitakan nak make sure everything we planned, terjadi dengan jayanya, thats why HE knows what the best for me.

I ingat dulu when i failed to manage the first intake MARA scholar, abah cakap " Allah tu betul betul sayangkan Abil, kan? If you get straight A's im sure will help you to go Aussie, tapi Allah tarik abil dekat tempat yang dekat dengan dia so that you wont lost", seriously that time baru I relax gila and see the hikmah behind this thing. When I ready to go the preparation for MedicMesir, I choosed Alexandria, that evening at 5pm MARA called and said I get the scholar, all I can do was burst into tears. Everyone was crying at that time, abah and mommy especially because they said it was such a big miracle happened to us :')

Im sad to leave my friend there, tapi mungkin Jordan is the best for me? Who knows right? I still can visit them, it just one hour a way from here. I wanna thank everyone that helped me in any situation i have, thank you very much.

Thank you to the seniors too, semoga Allah sahajalah balas budi & lancarkan perjalanan hidup kalian, Amin

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