Oct 4, 2011


Well im too excited when im writing this post. I thought my blog kena hacked ! Thats why I cant sign in with my yahoo mail ! HOORAYYY! Oh okay fine so terpaksa sebentar lupakan all those url yg sangat cool instead of now punya, whatever. So yeah this Saturday (8/10/2011) genaplah I one month, yeah baby its alreaady 30 days in Jordan. Alhamdulillah everything is fine, InsyaAllah I can manage it. Okay sebab excited sgt tulis semua benda walaupun I know no one will read this except my father, who is my top stalker, abah I know you care a lot of me :') I stil wanna make a list what im going to bring it up here -Who cares righty :D

New journey of my life :)

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