Oct 6, 2011

Im looking forward you, Mrs. W

 JYEAAh its Winter ! But I dont know this year Irbid turun salji ke tak? Please Ya Allah. I never seen the truee snow before. I cant wait to go Amman this Friday with girlfie & Kak Kauthar to shop for the winter :D This is like my dream kot, because dulu for the Europe Trip, I just finished my final and the flight was the next day after. So I didnt shop for myself, my family did :( Last week when we went to City Mall, Amman * its like Mid Valley with super duper expensive I wanna cry because Accessorize have already put out their things for winter and the price does not make sense :( Whatever. Duit rakyat lagi pun kan, so I kena wisely gunalah. Baiklah rakyat, akan ku gunakan duit mu dengan berhati hati ! But kalau jumpa ni I nak boleh :D


I pg Europe dulu tak ada boot jadah jadah ni, I just wore BUM sneakers. But my dad passed a pair of boot to my JPA's friend sbb dia fly lambat a week. HAHA thankyou buddy :D I thought my dad nak pass kan boot untuk tidur and when I asked him he said "Alah, kalau kt sini pun siapa nk pakai. At least u ble melaram winter ni. Promo lah Darla's Closet kt sana". Abah you rock ! It reminds me alot to my blogshop, Darla's Closette. Dah pencen, tutup kedai now. OK dah tomorrow banyak kelas, goodnight F, goodnight everyone :)

nota gigiku: Zara's winter coat 200 JD = 200 X 4.5 MYR

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