Jun 7, 2011

Assalamualaikum, Kaifa Haluka?

HikHik. Dah lama tak berblog ni. aww rindunyaa semua :D Rindu my list of blogs lah =,= well disebabkan aku ni OTW jadi ustazah+doctor *insyaAllah, so macam lagilah kurang masa nak berblog kan? But i do read yr posts, dont worry :) So what happened to me? I used to post about my teaching life in Eduwis right? Aww 3 months already now im back holding a blue pen. Not red pen anymore :D

Come come, this are the few things about me since i left the previous post :

i) I applied to Medic Mesir because just in case i didnt get for the MARA scholar.
ii) I left Eduwis at 27th June with my last pay and tears & huggs
iii) Alhamdullillah, im pretty god in doing homemade chocolates :D Wanna try? I get few orders and they loved it :) Thanks !
iv) I feel bored with Facebook, and just turning in to Twitter.
v) Alhamdulillah i get the MARA scholar ! * Second intake lah tapi =,=
vi) Now, im in the second week at Intec Shah Alam and preparing to fly in September, InsyaAllah :')

Itu je lah kot? Dont worry my life is boring and you wont regret if you ignore it. I still can eat and still has to go for my Jordan-Arabic class !


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