Dec 16, 2015

Clinical Life

Hello, it's been a long time, right?

Well, 4th year is no joke at all, exams, clinics, classes and all. So far my Prostho dah nak habis and I will be delivering the denture to my patient next week, though I'm reallly nervous bcs makcik tu ridge dia mcm resorbe teruk tau, and she came with her old denture to make a better one since denture dia kinda bad and asyik keluar. haih, insyaAllah everything will be fine.

Cons? HAHAHHAHHAHAHA. I love Dr Ahmad so much, like since the first time he was my supervisor he looks nice, satgi bila dapat tahu he is the one yg gantikan Dr Amre (Head of Department) he looks different, makin strict, he rejected allllllll my RCT Patients sedih tahu tak hahahhahahaah dah lah susah nak dapat RCT but its okay I tried really hard, guess it's not my rezeki this semester, thats all I have to believe. I really adore all the doctors in my clinics and I shall say that female doctors macam lagi kinda mengajar (?) means like they teach step by step, hey im still new to all these kan hahaha its okay if salah now so I can learn.

I have Prostho exam tomorrow, and honestly shit I don't know what to answer I mean like, Prostho is just like that. Whatever you read, when it comes to exam, soalan dia daripada mana mana ntah though this is the first time Prostho with Dr Sarah, might be different from Dr Laila, trauma still ada.
Then I have Ortho paper the next day, pastu merdeka for two weeks.

I'm planning to bake for every weekend cause I need to save for my trip, oh btw insyaAllah this trip I'm going with Farah, Jasmine and Huchek which im really looking forward cause they are my top 10 close friends, so yeah with all this currency yg tak stabil ni I just have to save more. 

I miss you blog! I promise to write more and i just wanna write about my makeup journey lols since I'm into those things since August ( I met Mina Rosli!) I'll write about it later, wish me luck!


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